Download Latest Mix: Deacon One - Ascension Vol. 1

Deacon-one, born and raised in Los Angeles. one of LA's original drum & bass pioneers and founder of the legendary Wreck-Ignition events - Since the late-90's Deacon has represented Los Angeles Drum & Bass at home and around the country, playing some of the largest clubs, music festivals, massives, warehouse raves,and all-jungle events the scene has to offer. Deacon has played every major city in the US, he has had residencies with some of the largest event promoters in the states and has been on bills with virtually every drum & bass heavyweight in the game. His reputation for consistency, an ability to control a room, and combining complicated mixing techniques with turntablism and scratching helped develop a large and loyal following of supporters. He has turned crowds out at some of the most well known events in the country including AUDIOTISTIC, E.D.C (ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL), CYPRUS HILL's SMOKE OUT, NOCTURNAL WONDERLAND, NATION, BASSCON, THE ZEN FESTIVAL, COOLWORLD, JUJU BEATS, NARNIA, HOW SWEET IT IS as well as some of the most respected like CONCRETE JUNGLE, RESPECT, ECLECTIC, DEEP, I LOVE LA, BASSRUSH, SCIENCE, MIDNIGHT BOMBERS and many many others.

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